Boxmode ensures that even the least experienced users can create a website quickly and easily. This is achieved thanks to our intuitive drag and drop interface and, most importantly, widgets.

What are widgets?

Widgets are like building blocks that you can use to create a beautiful and feature-rich website. These include:

  • Interface objects;
  • Design elements;
  • Content boxes;
  • Geometric shapes;
  • Interactive elements;
  • Buttons;
  • Grids;
  • Multimedia;
  • Social integrations, etc.

What are the Boxmode widgets?

Boxmode offers a broad array of widgets for various purposes:

  • Header enables you to add the first block of the site located at the top of the page.
  • Navigation Menu determines the overall look of your site and serves as a navigation bar.
  • Slideshow allows you to add image sliders to your website. 
  • Gallery complements your website design and showcases photos that reveal your story.
  • Form helps you stay in touch with your users.
  • Maps lets you mark the geographical location of your business on a map.
  • PayPal Button gives your customers the option to buy items or make donations with PayPal credit and debit cards.
  • Countdown Timer gives you an option to set up a visualization of current discounts and offers.
  • Store allows you to create an online store and sell products.
  • Blog helps you structure your text content and share it via put-together blog posts.
  • HTML iFrame lets you customize your website’s pages according to your needs by embedding custom code.
  • Footer provides you with an opportunity to add the last block of the site placed at the bottom of the page.

Boxmode continuously updates its list of widgets. Stay tuned for the Boxmode news and updates in our Facebook community.

You can build a website from scratch by selecting widgets you like, dragging and dropping them on the canvas, and arranging them in the preferred order.

Customizing the widgets

Every Boxmode widget has its peculiar features that you can discover by clicking on the widget’s name in the previous section. Yet, they all share the same general settings, which we will describe below.

Adding a widget to a page

To add a widget to your page:

  1. Click the + button on the Left Panel when in the editor;
  2. Choose a specific widget and pick a preferred widget template, if necessary. 
  3. Drag the widget to the canvas and drop it wherever you need it (the drop area will be highlighted).

To cancel the process, press Esc on your keyboard while dragging the widget.

Another way to add a widget is by clicking the + button on the canvas. When the window with the Widgets tab opens, click on the appropriate widget, and it will be added to the page.


You can add a widget in this way only if it occupies the full width of the canvas. This option isn’t available in content blocks.

Moving the widget

To move the widget to a different area of the page, click on the widget to call out its controls. Click and hold the crossed arrows icon and drag the widget to any other location on the page. The drop area will be highlighted on the canvas.

Resizing the widget

To resize the widget, highlight it and drag one of its anchor points up/down or left/right. You can also adjust the widget’s padding in the same way. Hover your cursor over the area around the anchor point (it will become highlighted as a half circle) and drag it up/down or left/right, accordingly.

Deleting the widget

To delete the widget from the canvas, call out its controls by clicking on it and hit the trash bin icon.

The new widgets are on the go

The Boxmode team is constantly working on new widgets. This means the site builder’s functionality is continuously expanding, and you get access to more tools to make your online presence pop. 


Do you need specific features? Let us know which ones via our contact form (pick the Feature Request option in the Feedback topic field,) and we will consider them. Your request is important for us to develop and improve our product.

We hope this guide helped you understand what widgets are and how you can use and customize the Boxmode widgets in the editor. 

Now, it’s time to use and customize the Boxmode widgets on your website!

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