A countdown timer is a must for businesses that want to engage more customers and increase revenue. With a countdown timer, you can easily visualize the discounts and offers available on the website. It also helps you create a sense of urgency by showing customers that time is running out.

With Boxmode, you can add the Countdown Timer widget in a few clicks. Learn more about widgets and their general settings in our Widgets Overview article.

Editing the widget

Various widgets provide you with different additional features. For example, check out the HTML iFrame Widget Use Cases article to learn how you can benefit from it. 

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the specifics of the Countdown Timer widget. The widget editing menu contains four controls: Design, Template, Settings, and Layout. You can customize the look of your countdown timer. It doesn’t take much to figure out how to set up the widget, and we will help you do it.


There are three templates available:

  • Simple timer
  • Small square
  • Large square

You choose the template right from the start and change its design to align with your preferences. You can also change the template throughout the setting process.


Each template has general design settings. You can adjust the border, labels, and numbers design by clicking the brush icon. 

In addition, each template has additional design settings. 

Design control of a Simple timer allows you to change or delete the background and add borders and corner radiuses to the widget. 

Small square and Large square timers also have color and transparency settings.


This control allows you to adjust the timer’s size by tweaking it horizontally and vertically. You can also increase the space between numbers and labels and add paddings. 


By clicking on the Settings button, you can set the timer ending and the client’s message afterward. 

Countdown ends

By pressing this button, you can select the end time and date for the timer. 


This section lets you choose how to tell users about the time’s up. 

Press the Display message button to create a message that the clients will see after the timer expires. 

The next button, Redirect users to another site/page, allows you to add external or internal links to the message about the timer’s expiration. 

Pressing The counter can be hidden button is pretty straightforward: you can hide the timer if needed. For example, you may want to focus a client’s attention on something else.

We hope this article was helpful and made setting the countdown timer smooth and effortless.  

Now it’s time for you to set the timer with Boxmode yourself!

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