Now you have one more opportunity to engage with your customers online and start gaining the trust of visitors. Share your domain knowledge and tell people more about what you do and how you do it via informative blog posts.

What is the Blog widget?

Boxmode’s Blog widget is a tool for adding a blog to a project. You can learn more about using widgets in our Widgets Overview article.

Adding a blog to a project

To add a blog to your website, follow these steps:

  1. Click the + button on the Left Panel in the editor.
  2. Click on Widgets to see the list of available options.
  3. Select Blog from the list.
  4. Click Add to project.

Each project may only have one blog.

After adding a blog to the project, the editor will open your blog’s feed page and the page menu with the blog feed and post page. In the page menu, you can navigate between blog pages, manage page settings like changing the URL and SEO features, and rename the pages.

Managing a blog’s main page

Click on the blog’s main page to bring up its controls: design, settings, templates, and manage posts.

To manage individual blog posts, click Manage posts. More information about blog management can be found in our Managing a Blog article.


Your blog will not automatically appear in your site’s navigation menu. You can learn how to add new items to the navigation menu in the Navigation Menu Widget article.


Clicking on the brush icon will open a menu where you can change the design of the heading (font, size, formatting, color, cover on hover) and the regular page text (font, size, formatting, color) and background settings.


Background settings will not be applied to the blog across every page, just the main page.


Clicking on Templates will open settings for the design of the blog’s main page. In particular, you can decide on how large blog post posts will be in the preview. There are currently two options: half width or full width.


To change settings for the blog’s main page, navigate to that page in the editor, click on the container, and then click Settings.

This will open a menu with General settings, including toggling basic elements, such as author name and photo, publish date, excerpt from the post, and changing the number of displayed posts on the page. In the Social sharing tab, you can toggle social sharing on or off. The style of the social sharing icons will be duplicated from post title settings, including color and color on hover.

Managing a blog’s post page

Click on the blog’s post page to bring up its controls: design, settings, and manage posts. Learn how to manage posts in the dedicated article.


Clicking on the brush icon will open a menu where you can change the design of each text type found on the page (H1, H2, H3, text body, links) and the background.


Clicking on Settings will open a settings panel with two tabs: General, where you can toggle author name, profile picture, and the publish date on or off; and Social sharing, where you can enable or disable social sharing, and toggle Facebook and Twitter buttons on or off.

To change the author’s photo and name, you will need to edit your Boxmode profile

Learn about editing a post in our Editing a Blog Post article.

Deleting a blog

To delete your blog and its content, click on the context menu that appears when hovering on Blog in the page menu and select Delete blog. Boxmode will ask you to confirm your choice.

And that’s how you use the Blog widget. It sounds easy to use because it is. Why not try it out now?

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