You need to start an account to manage all your projects in one place. By having an account, you can create and publish your websites and make changes to them, if necessary. Let’s dive into the process of creating an account.

When on, click Sign up in the header.

After that, you will be redirected to the Create Account page, where you need to type in your email address and choose the password for the registration. Then, click the Create Account button, and that’s it.


Your password must contain at least six characters. Only Latin letters, numbers, and symbols are allowed.

If you want to change or reset the password, learn how to do this from our Changing a password to your Boxmode account article.

Welcome to the dashboard. Now, you can start creating your first project

Learn how to manage your account, edit templates, and choose a paid plan to extend your toolset.

We hope this article was useful for you, and now it’s time to register and try Boxmode features.

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