A slideshow widget is a type of gallery with automatic or manual image playback. In other words, it displays multiple images one by one. A slideshow can be used as a gallery instance anywhere on the page. 

Furthermore, it can work as a sequence of hero images that automatically replace each other at the top of your page. You can either set your slideshow to display pure images or put some text on top of it. You’ve got lots of options for using this widget.

You can learn about the widget’s general settings (how to add, move, resize, and delete the widget) in our Widgets Overview article. 

Editing the widget

To start editing the Slideshow widget, click on it to call up its controls. The widget editing menu contains four buttons: Design, Layout, Settings, and Templates. Here you can customize the widget in multiple ways and preview the slideshow with the chosen animation effect.


Adjust the visual parameters of your widget, such as borders, shadows, background and navigation colors, etc. To set additional parameters of the borders and shadows, move the corresponding toggle switches. 


You can configure the slideshow’s autoplay, timeout, add thumbnails and arrows. Moreover, it’s possible to set content alignment and paddings.


In Settings, you can manage slides and set an animation effect for a slideshow. 

Manage slides

Here you can see all the slides of the slideshow, add new ones, change their order, and customize each of the slides. 

To edit the slide, click the ellipsis icon on the right, and you’ll see the Change Background, Duplicate, and Delete tabs. Click one of them and configure the required parameters.

In Change Background, you can replace the existing image with another image from your computer, Boxmode Asset Library, or Unsplash, a free stock image platform.


You can add images in png, jpg, jpeg, gif, and svg formats. You can also specify the fill color of the slide.

To adjust the image transparency, use the Opacity slider control.

To duplicate or delete a slide, click the Duplicate or Delete button.

To change the sequence of slides, simply drag them across the list to the new position.


Here, you can choose a suitable animation effect for your slideshow, including Bounce Down, Fade, Flip X, and others. 


Select preferred slideshow design.

Switching between slides

While working in the editor, you can manually switch between the slides by clicking on the navigation arrows or using the slides control. When you’re on the canvas, you can click on the navigation arrows or thumbnails (if they’re enabled.)

One more way to display images is using the Gallery widget. You can learn more about it in our Gallery Widget article. 

We hope this article was useful for you and gave you a nice overview of the Slideshow widget.

Now, it’s time to use and customize the Slideshow widget on your website.

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