Selecting a template

To get started with your first online project, go to the templates page. Here you can view all the templates available, preview their design, and read the description of each theme (another name of the template). 

A template determines the overall appearance of your website and allows you to spend minimum time on design customization. You can further customize any template in the library according to your preferences. Please find more information about what the template is in our blog article.

You can either browse the templates by categories to find the one you like or choose the blank theme to start building your website from scratch using the Boxmode basic elements and widgets.

Create an account and start your first Boxmode-based project by picking a suitable template. Read how to work with templates in our Choosing a Template article.

Editing the template

Once you choose a template, you can start editing it in the drag and drop editor. You can: 

  • Change content, colors, and fonts; 
  • Resize or swap objects;
  • Add various visual effects.

You can also add, remove, and customize widgets the way you see fit. Read more about editing the Boxmode widgets in our Widgets Overview article.

If you choose the blank theme in the template selection menu, you have to build your website from the ground up by adding and editing all the Boxmode basic elements and widgets to the canvas.

Publishing your website

When you finish editing your website, save the progress and publish the site. For this, click the Publish button in the top right corner of the screen.


All the changes you make on your website are autosaved.

Read more about publishing a website in the Publishing a Website article.

Once you publish the website, you will get access to the dashboard. With its help, you can manage your projects and create new ones.

Find out more about the user dashboard in our Dashboard Overview article. 

We hope this guide helped you understand how to get started with the Boxmode website builder, work with templates, and publish your project. 

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