Boxmode offers a variety of templates, allowing you to create a website in a snap. Pick the theme you like (or the one that matches your business), insert your content, and you’re ready to go! If you want to create a site from scratch, select the Blank Theme

You can customize any template according to your individual preferences to make it stand out and reflect your brand’s identity. Boxmode made sure you have all the tools needed to modify templates and create a website with a unique and recognizable design.

What do templates consist of?

The Boxmode templates consist of widgets. These are basic, functional units that make up your web pages. They are fully customizable, so you can easily change their appearance and move them across the page. You can learn more about editing the Boxmode widgets in our Widgets Overview article.

To edit a widget or elements inside it, hover your cursor over a specific widget or its components and click on it/them. This way, you will call out the controls Settings, Design, Alignment, and others.

Editing content inside the widgets

It is possible to change the textual content using the Inline Editor, customize media elements, and add free photos from the Unsplash platform

If you want to get extensive site editing options, the HTML iFrame widget will come in handy. 

Apart from the widgets, you can also upload files from the Asset Library, visualize the page structure in the Layers menu, and manipulate CSS properties of different HTML elements in the CSS panel

As you can see, the editing process is very straightforward, thanks to the Boxmode drag and drop interface and widget controls. A bit of practice using them, and you can create a beautiful website in no time!

It’s time to customize a template yourself.

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