When creating a website, you have content and rich media assets to add to the web pages. The Asset Library is a repository that allows you to store files for the current Boxmode project in one place.

How it works

Whenever you need a specific file, you can find it in your Asset Library. There are two ways to access your project’s repository:

  • On the editor’s Left Panel
  • Via a specific basic element or widget’s settings

Uploading files

The Asset Library menu has the Current Project and Free Photos tabs. If you want to upload files to the project’s media, open the Asset Library menu in the editor. In the Current Project tab, click Add file and choose or drop a specific file into the library from your computer. The file will appear in the asset list.

You can upload images (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .svg), videos (webm, mp4), logos, icons, and pdf files.
In the Free Photos tab, you can find suitable Unsplash images and drag them to the page. The images will automatically appear in your Asset Library. Learn more about free Unsplash visuals in our Using Free Unsplash Photos article.

Managing files in the Asset Library

In the Asset Library menu — Current Project tab, you can view all your assets.


The available volume of your storage space depends on your pricing plan (Starter — 500 MB, Lite — 1 GB, Growth — 5 GB).

If you need to free up some space, delete unused files by clicking on a trash bin icon.

Adding a file to the page

To add a file to the page, hover on it in the Asset Library menu — Current Project tab and drag it to a certain place on the canvas. Another way is to insert a basic element or widget into the page and add a file to it.

Changing a file on the page

If you want to replace a file, open the editing menu of the widget or basic element and click on the corresponding settings. For example, to change an image, you need to click on the Image widget. Next, click EditChange Image on the appeared context menu. The Asset Library menu will appear. Here, at the top right corner, you can select the order of the files (updated, A—Z, Z—A).

Choose one of the uploaded images and click the plus icon. The image will be changed. 

We hope this article has helped you understand how you can use the Asset Library.

Now, it’s time to review the Asset Library yourself.

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