Vivid visuals are critical for building a brilliant website. To make it easier for you to get hold of beautiful and, most importantly, free images, we have integrated Boxmode with Unsplash, a famous stock photo platform. You can add an image to your website using the Image basic element and a collection of images with the Gallery or Slideshow widget. 

How it works

Anytime you want to change or add an image to your project, you can easily access Unsplash’s extensive collection of free stock photos directly from the Asset Library menu. The downloaded image will be immediately added to the Current Project folder.

Finding a stock photo on Unsplash 

To find an image on Unsplash, click the image icon in the editor’s Left Panel. The Asset Library menu will appear. Then, head over to the Free Photos tab.

Next, browse images inside one of the two tabs:

  • Photos: Featured images from Unsplash;
  • Collections: Photo galleries sorted by different subjects and tags.

Whichever tab you select, you can search for suitable photos by entering specific keywords in the search bar. Also, it’s possible to filter out galleries by featured tags in the Collections tab. For this, click on the required tag beneath the gallery name.

Adding or changing an image on your Boxmode project

It’s possible to add the selected image to the page by dragging it to the desired area of a canvas. The visual will be automatically added to the Current Project folder.

Replacing an image with an Unsplash visual

To change the image on the canvas for a free stock photo from Unsplash, click on it to see the controls and then hit Edit — Change image. The Asset Library menu will show up. From there, you can download an Unsplash image by following the steps described in the previous section.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to add images and photos from Unsplash to your website.

Now, it’s time to make your web pages visually more appealing with stylish Unsplash images.

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