With Boxmode, you can create a website in two ways: a) select a template and customize it with a drag and drop editor, or b) start with the Blank Theme template and build your site block by block using widgets. 

Let’s take a closer look at the latter option. Here’s how you create a simple website from scratch.

1) Apply the blank template.

In the template selection menu, choose Blank Theme.


The template menu is displayed once you start a new project in the dashboard.

2) Add necessary pages by clicking the home icon at the top panel and then clicking Add Page. You can find more information about adjusting page settings in our Managing Page Settings article.

3) Add a header and a footer.

Click the + button on the Left Panel in the editor.

Select the Header and Footer widgets in the Widgets tab.

To add the widget, simply drag it to the canvas (the widget selection menu will automatically disappear) and drop it wherever you need it (the drop area will be highlighted).


To cancel the process, press Esc on your keyboard while dragging the widget.

When the header and footer are deployed, you can customize them. Simply click on any widget’s element to call out additional controls and hit specific settings. 

4) Add other widgets to the canvas according to your purposes.

For example, you can use the Boxmode basic elements — Image, Video, Slideshow, and Gallery widgets — to add visual elements to the pages. Also, you can create your website using pre-designed content blocks available in the Sections tab on the Left Panel.

5) Publish the website.

It is possible to publish your website in the editor by clicking the Publish button in the screen’s top right corner or the Projects section in the dashboard. Learn more about publishing a website on Boxmode in our Publishing a Website article.

There you go! Once you pick a domain name (by the way, you can buy a domain from Boxmode), your website immediately goes live. You can get back to editing the project and adjusting its SEO settings anytime by accessing the dashboard. 

It’s time to try and build your website from scratch.

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