Boxmode provides the option to change a more advanced annual pricing plan to an annual pricing plan that includes fewer features. You can also unsubscribe from a more expensive monthly plan and choose a less expensive monthly one for a widget for an online store. 

To сhange a pricing plan, open your project in the editor and press the Manage Store button at the Left Panel. Then press the blue Downgrade button on the given plan in the Store panel (you will also see each plan’s brief description and cost here.)

Then you’ll see an alert with a date of activation of the new subscription and two buttons: downgrade and pay now and downgrade and pay later.

Downgrading and paying now

If you want to pay right away for a more basic Store widget plan, you’ll get to a checkout page with sections for payment information and a pricing plan with a brief description of its features.

Your next steps would be to:

  1. Select or add a payment method;
  2. Press Submit payment to complete your checkout.

After that, you’ll see a window notifying you about a successful payment and the activation date of your new Boxmode pricing plan.


You can save a payment method for the next time. If you decide not to do so, we’ll issue an invoice and send an email inviting you to proceed with the downgrade.

It’s also important to note that according to our Terms of Service, we don’t refund payment for unused days of a current subscription. Your current pricing plan will remain active until a due date, while a new subscription will activate once a new payment period begins. Hence, you pay for the next payment period, and your billing cycle remains the same.

You can open the Billing & Payment section in the dashboard to add or delete a new payment method and review invoices about purchased Boxmode services. 

Downgrading and paying later

In this case, payment will be made automatically using your saved payment method. After you click downgrade and pay later, we’ll get you back to the Boxmode site builder’s editor page. A message about a successful pricing plan change and the date of withdrawal of money at the new plan will appear on the page.

If you don’t have a saved payment method, we’ll issue an invoice up to seven days before the current plan expires and send an email reminding you to change a subscription and make a payment. 

Getting back to the Demo Store

Those who want to cancel a paid subscription will return to a Demo Store plan after their current plan expires.

At the same time, subscribers can use the Store widget to sell goods or services again right after buying a paid plan.

You can also manage your subscriptions in the Subscriptions section in the dashboard: the information about your active Boxmode pricing plan, connected domain name, and the shopping widget plan will be there. 

So, you can change your Store widget plans and payment settings straight from the project editor.

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