If you want to change your free *.boxmode.io domain name to one more professional and authoritative, you have two options:

  • Buy a custom domain from a third-party registrar like GoDaddy, Hostinger, NameCheap, and others. Then connect it to your Boxmode website using a domain mapping feature included in the Lite and Growth plans. 
  • Purchase a custom domain name directly from Boxmode.

Buying a domain from Boxmode

  1. Go to Project Settings in your dashboard. Click Manage Domains in the Project Settings navigation and open the Get Domain tab. Search for available domains by entering the preferred name in the field (e.g., your name or brand name) and click Search.

If you have a Boxmode voucher, you can filter domain names by ticking the Free domains only checkbox.

2) Select the domain name you like. Once you hover the cursor over the domain price tag, it’ll turn into a Buy button. Click it to proceed to checkout.

3) Enter your billing information or select an already saved payment method. Then click Submit payment. You can read more about the checkout process in our Buying a Membership Plan article.

If the payment is successful, you’ll see the following notification “Thank you! You have successfully purchased the domain. See more details on your Manage Domain page.”

4) Then, you’ll need to verify your email address by following the link from an inbox (We’ll write to the email address associated with your Boxmode account.)


You have 15 days to confirm your email address. Unless you do it within the specified time, your domain name will be suspended following the regulations of the ICANN policy.

Your new domain will be automatically configured within 24 to 72 hours, and your published website will become available at this URL.

You can also get a free custom domain with extensions such as .com, .cc, .top, and others once you purchase the Lite or Growth annual plan. See more details in our Getting a Domain Name for Free With a Voucher article.

Setting up a domain as a primary

A primary domain is a URL visitors will be redirected to when coming to your website. It also will display in the URL bar of the browser once the website loads.

To set a primary domain, go to Project Settings — Manage DomainsConnected Domains. Then click on the ellipsis icon on the corresponding domain card and select Set as Primary in the context menu.

You can buy and connect as many domain names as you want to your project. But you can have only one primary domain. 

Managing a purchased domain

At the moment, it’s not possible to add subdomains, but you can create separate web pages with unique URLs.

If you wish to use your purchased domain on another project, we suggest you contact our support team, and they will guide you through the transfer procedure. In case you wish to remove your Boxmode-based website, please keep in mind that it’s necessary to deactivate the automatic domain renewal; after that, your domain subscription will expire on a due date.


To prove ownership over the purchased domain and make your website visible on the web, you should verify it in Google Search Console. Check the details on how to do this in our Help Center article.

Disabling or enabling annual automatic domain renewal

Automated domain renewal is on by default. To disable it, go to DashboardSubscriptions, click on the ellipsis icon on the corresponding subscription card, and hit Cancel. You still can use this domain name until the subscription expires, but you won’t be charged on the renewal date. 

Learn more about subscription management in our Managing subscriptions article. 

If you want to enable automatic renewal again, complete the same steps as described above and click Renew.


What is WHOIS privacy? Is it included in the domain price?

WHOIS privacy ensures that your personal information in the public WHOIS directory (such as name, email, address, and phone number) remains hidden to prevent domain-related spam, domain hijacking, and malicious actions by stalkers and harassers. And yes, it’s included in the domain price.

What domain extensions are available for purchase on Boxmode?

You can buy a domain name with the following extensions: .com, .net, .cc, .me, .xyz, .site, .online, .click, .club, .company, .shop, .fun, .store, .best, .biz, .business, .cool, .help, .info, .life, .live, .name, .org, .pictures, .plus, .pro, .today, .top, .vip, .website, .world, .work.
You can check out the useful tips on choosing a great domain name in our blog article

How much do Boxmode custom domain names cost?

The prices range from $14 to $60, depending on the domain extension.

Do your domains have SSL certificates?

All our domains for any project come with a free Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 certificate. Generating and installing an SSL certificate usually takes around 10 minutes. Until there’s the certificate for a newly added domain, you cannot set this domain as primary.


The SSL certificate generation may take up to 72 hours. If the time is exceeded, contact our support team.

We hope this article has answered all your domain-related questions. 

Now you can purchase a unique domain name for your project easily and quickly.

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