Managing Project Settings

Configure your Boxmode projects through the Dashboard

With Boxmode, you can effortlessly control the settings of your projects (such as the name, description, favicon, SEO parameters, publish status, etc.) using the Dashboard

To access your Dashboard, hover the cursor over the Boxmode logo in the website editor and click “Dashboard”. You will also be redirected to the Dashboard after saving or publishing your first project.

Dashboard Tab

When in the Dashboard, select the “Projects” tab. There you will find all your saved projects. 

To manage your project, click on the “Settings” icon next to the project name. A contextual menu will appear. 

project settings

It offers a few options to choose from:

  • Publish/Unpublish: Depending on whether your project is already live or not, this option allows you to publish or unpublish the project (the status of the project will switch to “Published” or “Unpublished” accordingly).
Publish project
Unpublish project
  • Project Settings: Opens the menu in which you can change the general settings of the project (such as the project name) and configure some advanced features, including SEO and Domain Mapping.
Editing Page title and the Descriprtion
  • Go to Editor: Allows you to leave the Dashboard and open the project in the website editor.
  • Delete: Remove the project permanently.

To access the settings of a specific project, click “Project Settings” in its contextual menu.

project settings

You can now edit the following settings:

  • Project name: The name of your website.
  • Project description: A brief description of your website.
  • Domain name: The address of your website on the Internet.

Note: Boxmode subdomains (* are offered for free.

  • Favicon: A small image displayed in a browser tab to represent a website. Click “Change favicon” to upload an image. The maximum image size is 21×21 px.
  • SEO > Robots.txt: Generate a file that directs search robots to the pages that need to be crawled.
  • SEO > Sitemap.xml: Generate a file that helps search engines index your pages correctly.
Editing Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml
  • Delete project: Remove the website permanently from your saved projects.

Once you finish editing the project settings, click “Save changes”. To abort any changes made, hit the “Cancel” button. 

Save changes

In the left sidebar, you will also find a “Manage domains” tab. Use it to configure your domain name.Note: Read more about setting your custom domain name here.

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