Getting a Domain Name for Free With a Voucher

One of the most valuable benefits that you get with an initial purchase of the Basic Annual plan is a voucher that grants you one year of using a custom domain name of your choice for free. The voucher is valid within one year after the initial purchase of the plan.

The voucher can be used to acquire a domain name with the following extensions: .com, .cc, .xyz, .click, .company, .business, .name, .pictures, .top, .work. 

How do I check if I have a voucher?

To see whether you have a free voucher available, go to Project Settings > Manage Domains and open the “Get domain” tab.

Check voucher

If you have an active voucher, you will see a banner with the icon followed by a notification saying that you are eligible for getting a free custom domain for one year.

How do I redeem a voucher?

  • Start searching for available domains. You will notice that the domains for sale have a “Free” label instead of a regular price tag. Hover your mouse cursor over the “Free” label next to the domain you would like to take, and it will turn into a “Get it” button. Click it to proceed to checkout.
  • In the checkout window, make sure the “Redeem voucher” checkbox is ticked (normally, it is ticked by default) and click the “Checkout” button to complete the acquisition of the free custom domain name.


How much does the annual domain renewal cost?

To view the renewal price for your specific domain before taking it, click on the icon. Please note that the renewal price may change over time, but in this case, we will notify you well in advance before the renewal date.

Can I use a voucher to renew a previously purchased domain?

No, the voucher can only be used to get a new domain.

Can I transfer a domain received by redeeming a voucher to other providers?

Yes, you can do it just like with any other domain purchased from Boxmode.

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