Take care of your Boxmode account’s security with a strong password. You can change and reset a password to your account simply and quickly. Let’s learn how to do that. 

Creating a new password to your Boxmode account

If you remember your password but want to change it, go to the dashboard sidebar and select the Account. There you will find the Change password section that contains three fields:

  • Current password,
  • New password,
  • Repeat new password.

Enter your current password in the first field, your new password in the second field, and repeat the new password in the third field. Finally, click the Save changes button in the top right corner.


Your password must contain at least six characters. Only Latin letters, numbers, and characters are allowed.

That’s it! Your password is successfully changed. 

Resetting the password to your Boxmode account

Have you forgotten the password to your Boxmode account? No worries, we can fix this!

If you can’t recall your password in the middle of logging in, simply click on the question icon that appears in the Password field when it’s active. The hint will appear below, suggesting you reset the password. Click on it.

Enter your email address (the one you used when registering a Boxmode account) and hit the Send reset link button. We will send the password reset link to your inbox promptly. Click on this link and follow further instructions to complete the process.

If you experience any difficulties when logging in or creating an account, please contact our support team to resolve any issues.

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