As your business grows, you may want to sell more items or services, expand the Store widget functionality, add extra sales channels (Amazon, Etsy, and eBay) and marketing tools. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider one of our advanced store plans: Basic Store, Business Store, or Unlimited Store. 

How to choose the right subscription? You can use the size of the product or service catalog as a criterion. For instance, the Basic Store allows users to add up to 100 items, while the Unlimited Store owners can sell as many items as possible. Other factors could be selling via marketplaces, adding several language versions, using dimensional shipping rates, etc. Read more about paid pricing plans and their benefits in our Help Center article.

Upgrading from a free to a paid plan 

To upgrade to our paid plans for the Store widget, please follow these steps: 

  1. Press the Manage Store button on the Left Panel in the site editor.
  2. Select a plan and press the Upgrade button. A pop-up page with rate plans will appear, and the subscription of your choice will be outlined in blue. If you can’t decide which plan is right for you, press Details at the bottom of the Store panel and evaluate plan prices and features on a pop-up page that will open right away.
  3. Decide how frequently you want to pay for a subscription: per month or per year.
  4. Choose or add a payment method on the checkout page.
  5. Press Submit payment to complete the checkout process.

You can also manage your payment information in the Billing & Payment section in the dashboard. Invoices are available in this section as well. 

Once you’ve upgraded your subscription, you’ll see its title, brief description, and price in Your current plan of the Store panel.

You will also see the Upgrade buttons on cards with advanced plans and Downgrade buttons on the simpler plans.

The plan’s renewal date will appear on the pop-up page with pricing plans.


You’ll see the plan’s expiration date instead of the renewal date if you haven’t saved your payment method.

Upgrading from a paid plan to a more advanced plan

You will need to take the same steps to switch to a more feature-rich plan as if you were changing a free demo plan to a billable one. But there are some details (on switching between the plans and billing) you should know. 

Status, renewal, or expiration dates. Once you submit payment for a new plan, its status and renewal date will appear on a page with pricing plans. Again, Boxmode will specify the plan’s expiration date instead of the renewal date in the plan card if you haven’t saved your payment method. 

Changing to the Unlimited plan. If you upgrade to the Unlimited Store plan, Downgrade buttons will appear on other plans’ cards.

Upgrading before the current plan’s renewal date. If you upgrade your current paid subscription before the renewal date, we’ll deduct the price for unused days from the advanced plan’s fee.

Here is how it works. For example, you’re on the Business Store plan that costs $299 per year. You decide to opt for the Unlimited Store ($990, if paid annually) 100 days before the billing period ends. We calculate the cost of using the Business Store plan for the remaining 100 days: $299 / 365 × 100 = $81.20. 

Then we calculate how much 100 days of using the Unlimited Store plan cost: $990 / 365 × 100 = $271.23

After that, the 100-day cost of the Business Store plan must be subtracted from the cost of using the Unlimited Store plan for 100 days: $271.23 – $81.92 = $189.31. So, you will pay $189.31 less for the new plan, $800.69 instead of $990.

Subscription auto-renewal. Boxmode will automatically renew your chosen subscription on the Store widget to sell goods on the due date unless you change your auto-renewal preferences.

You will see a pop-up after successful upgrade.

You can also manage your subscriptions, including the one for the widget for an online store, in the dedicated section in the dashboard.

Now that you know all the ins and outs of upgrading subscriptions, it’s time to try it yourself.

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