Website analytics is a system for measuring, collecting, and analyzing information about site visitors to improve and optimize website performance. You can use all the information you received to identify growth opportunities, improve website traffic, check website statistics, optimize advertising campaigns, reallocate budgets to various traffic channels, increase campaign profits and reduce the cost of attracting clients.

Boxmode analytics functionality allows you to connect analytics software to your projects by analytics tracker code. Analytics tools is a paid feature included in the Growth plan.

Using analytics on the website

The website analytics feature is in the Project Settings and its design is for users who have purchased Boxmode’s plan. They can use it to connect third-party services for their Boxmode-built projects’ traffic analytics.

Tap on the Analytics section on the left side of the page to see the list of analytics tools. 

Google Tag Manager

Tap on the Google Tag Manager field to cascade its menu. To update your code and site tags, add the Google Tag Manager container ID in the field. 

To establish the connection with Google Tag Manager, click the Connect button.

Follow the Where can I get the Google Tag Manager ID? link, and the Google support page will open in the new window. Here you will find a detailed instruction on how to set up the Tag Manager.

Google Analytics

Tap on the Google Analytics field to see the Google Analytics ID line. Add your Google Analytics ID to track your website’s performance generating analytical reports. You need to click the Connect button to activate the connection. 

The Where can I get the Google Analytics ID? link is right beneath the field. Click on the link, and it will open in the new tab. Here you will find info on how to set up the Analytics global site tag.


Tap on the Hotjar to see its menu field. Add your Hotjar ID to track conversions, conduct surveys, and monitor your visitors’ behavior. Click the Connect button to establish the connection. 

The Where can I get the Hotjar ID? link is right beneath the field. Click on it, and the new tab will open where you can find information about how to install your Hotjar tracking code.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Tap on the Facebook Pixel and the Pixel ID field will appear. 

Click on the Where can I get the Pixel ID? link. In the new window, you will find info on how to create and install a Facebook pixel.


It’s important to copy and paste a correct ID for any analytics tool.

Connect/Disconnect button

Once you connect the input successfully, two options will change: 

  • The Connect button will change to the Disconnect button; 
  • You will see the indicator “Connected” next to the service name of the analytics tool you chose. 

When you click on the Disconnect button, you will see a modal window that contains two buttons: Disconnect and Cancel

If you click on the Disconnect button, the menu fields of the chosen analytics tool will return to their default state.

This feature works in the same way for Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Facebook Pixel tools.

Want to boost your website performance? Try Boxmode’s analytics functionality yourself. 

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