Suppose you’ve already added a Store widget to your project, created a product catalog, and generally learned how to manage store items (if you still feel as if you need to fill in the gaps, check out our Managing Products article.) But there is another thing you could do to improve the shopping experience and drive sales: Use related products.

Related products complement each other well, for example, earphones and a case for a smartphone. So, customers tend to purchase them together. To draw shoppers’ attention to such products, you can create the You may also like section. 

Related products in your catalog

To add related products on a product page, follow the steps:

  1. From your Store Manager, go to Catalog Products.
  2. Open the product page you want to enrich with related products.
  3. Open the Related Products tab.

Now, you can choose one of three ways to display your related items, described below. 

Displaying specific related products

  1. Click + Assign Products.
  2. In the popup, tick the products you want to display as related.
  3. Check off the Link back selected items as related to this product option. Do so if you want to cross-link the item with its related products so that it appears on their pages, too.  
  4. Click Add products.

Displaying random products from a category

Turn on the Display random products toggle. Designate the number of products you want to show (Qty) and the desired category.


If you choose Any for the desired category, your store will display selected products from your catalog at random.

Displaying specific and random products

You can also use a combination of the first two options to display related products. Follow the steps above for each component of specified and randomized product suggestions.

When you take these steps, related products will be shown under the You May Also Like section of the product page.

Related products at checkout

A list of related products can be on the cart page before your customer completes the purchase. To carry it out, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings General Cart & Checkout from your Store Manager. 
  2. Scroll down to the Related Products.
  3. Enable the On Cart page option to display recommended products at checkout.

You can find more information about the further use of the Store widget in the article about its paid plans

We hope you now understand how to add related products to your online store. If you want to enrich it with digital products, too, read our Digital Products Overview article. 

Now, it’s time to add the recommended products feature to your online store.

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