Blog management features in Boxmode allow users to see and manage published posts and trash. To see an outline of Boxmode’s Blog widget and its features, visit our Blog Widget article.

Accessing blog management

There are three ways to access blog management features in Boxmode:

  1. Go to Boxmode’s dashboard and access project settings by clicking on the context menu next to your project. Then click on Manage blog.

2) Go to the page menu in Boxmode’s editor, click on Blog, then Manage posts.

3) When on the blog’s main page or blog post page in the editor, click on the widget to bring up its controls, then click on Manage posts next to the Settings.

Any three of these actions will take you to the blog management page and the tab containing published posts.

Published posts

This tab contains all published posts, and the counter in the left panel shows their number. If the number of published posts exceeds 10, the list adds pages.

If there are no published posts, you will see a prompt to create a new post on this page.

You can perform the following actions with published posts:

  • Edit — to edit a blog post, select it from the list, and click the Edit post button that appears next to it.
  • Move to trash — to delete a specific post, select it from the list, click on the context menu, and click Move to Trash.

You can also delete posts in bulk. To do that, check the boxes next to the posts you want to delete (or click Select all next to the checkbox above the list of posts), then click the Move to Trash button that appears above the list.

When you delete a post, Boxmode will confirm your action with the “Posts were successfully removed” pop-up. 


This tab contains deleted posts.

From this page, you can restore a post to move it to the Published posts tab, and delete posts forever. You can delete a single post by clicking on the context menu next to it or delete posts in bulk.


To restore posts in bulk, click the checkboxes on the left side or click Select all, then click the Revert button that appears above the list.

When you’ve restored a post, Boxmode will confirm it via a pop-up stating “Post was successfully reverted.”

You’re now ready to manage your blog like a pro. It’s time to try it out with your very own blog.

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