PayPal Button

Add and configure the PayPal Button widget

Putting a PayPal button on your web page is an excellent way to accept payments or donations through your website. Luckily, with Boxmode, you can add and set up the payment button quickly and easily. Here’s how you do this.

Adding a PayPal button to a page

To add the PayPal button widget to your page:

  • Click the “+” icon in the left sidebar when in the editor;
  • Choose the “PayPal Button” tab in the menu;
  • Select the purpose of the button: “Paying” or “Donating”;
  • Pick a preferred widget template;
  • To add the widget, simply drag it to the canvas (the widget selection menu will automatically disappear) and drop it wherever you need it (the drop area will be highlighted).

Note: To cancel the process, press “Esc” on your keyboard while dragging the widget.

Pay Pal Button

Moving the widget

To move the widget to a different area of the page, click on the widget to call out its controls. Click and hold the “crossed arrows” icon and drag the widget to any other location on the page. The drop area will be highlighted on the canvas.

Resizing the widget

To resize the widget, simply highlight it and drag one of its anchor points up/down or left/right until you get the desired result. You can also adjust the widget’s padding in a similar way. Hover your cursor over the area around the anchor point (it will become highlighted as a half circle) and drag it up/down or left/right, accordingly.

Editing the widget

To start editing your PayPal button, click on the widget to call out its controls. Then hit the “Edit” button to open the editing menu.

Editing widget

The widget editing menu contains four tabs, allowing you to customize the widget in multiple ways.

Manage button

This tab contains the essential settings for your payment button. Here you’ll need to enter the email address associated with your PayPal account (if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it first), the product/donation ID number on PayPal, and the product/organization name. Then you can set the price and currency in the corresponding fields.

Manage button


Here you can choose among several predefined button designs depending on your needs and preferences.



This tab allows you to adjust the position of the text inside of the button.



In this tab, you can set the visual parameters of the button, such as a border, shadow, and background color. Toggle the corresponding switches on to see additional options.


Deleting the widget

To delete a button from the canvas, click on the widget to call out its controls and hit the “Trash bin” icon.

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