Coming Soon Integrations

Check out the third-party services Boxmode will support

We want Boxmode to be as flexible as possible for our users. That is why we have made the platform compatible with a wide variety of third-party services and apps. As the development process goes on, we are introducing more integrations to help you set up the features you want on your website.

Currently, we are working on the following extensions:


Thanks to the MailChimp integration, you’ll get an opportunity to connect your website forms to one of the world’s most popular email automation tools. Create and manage your email lists without leaving the Boxmode editor! Automatically add the contacts generated by your website forms to your MailChimp lists to maximize your lead generation and email marketing effectiveness.


Hotjar is an advanced analytics and feedback tool, and it will soon allow Boxmode users to track the performance of their sites like never before. The Hotjar integration will enable you to analyze heat maps, record and evaluate user sessions, and more!

Crazy Egg

The Crazy Egg integration is yet another way to take your Boxmode site to the next level. With such an advanced tool for monitoring website performance at your fingertips, you will be able to run A/B tests, collect analytical data, use heat maps, and analyze the behavior of your website visitors.

Google Tag Manager

Not really proficient at coding? Simply integrate Google Tag Manager with your Boxmode website and enjoy this useful tool for adding HTML and JavaScript tags to your website code. This is a fast and easy way to connect third-party services to your site.

Google Analytics

It is impossible to achieve great conversions without following your website’s key metrics. The Google Analytics integration will help you see how many people visit your site and where they come from, who your target audience is, which pages perform the best, and more.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms to date. The Facebook Pixel integration will allow you to track the performance of your Facebook ads, optimize conversions, and set up retargeting campaigns.


Zapier enables you to connect a host of useful tools and services to your website. Soon, with the Zapier integration, those will be available to Boxmode users!

But this is only the beginning! We are going to add more integrations in the future, so stay tuned!

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